Wednesday, 29 May 2013

An example of how a recipe can be modified to be IC friendly

Chicken in Red Thai Curry Sauce with Mango – slow cooker recipe

This recipe is from Canadian Living Slow Cooker Spring 2005

4 tsp mild Thai red curry paste **** see below*****

2 tbsp vegetable oil           

1 tbsp grated ginger root

2 large cloves garlic minced

½ tsp grated lemon rind *****see below****

¼ tsp salt

4 chicken breasts

1 can – 400 ml – coconut milk

1 mango ***see below****

3 tbsp flour

¼ cup finely shredded basil***see below****

1 – In resealable plastic bag, combine curry paste, 1 tbsp of the oil, ginger, garlic, lemon rind and salt.  Add chicken; seal and massage to coat evenly. Refrigerate for 12 hrs

2 – In large skillet, hear remaining oil over med – high heat; brown chicken all over.  Transfer to slow cooker. Pour coconut milk into slow cooker.  Cover and cook on low for 5 hrs.

3 – Meanwhile, peel and pit mango; cut into matchstick – size pieces and set aside.

4 – Transfer chicken to platter. Whisk flour with 1/3 cup water; whisk into slow cooker.  Add mango.  Cover and cook on high for 15 min or until thicken. Sprinkle on basil.

Suggested IC modifications to the original recipe:

I just recently realized that the bought curry paste I have contains tomato but I have discovered curry powder recipes online that are easy to make and appear to contain IC friendly ingredients.  I also use half of the listed amount – still tastes yummy. 

The lemon rind I just omit completely. It would be used as a flavor enhancer, but I have never risked using it yet. 

I use fresh or frozen mango as it doesn’t make a difference in flavour.

I have always omitted the basil as I never remember to get it ahead of time.

I tried this recipe in the electric skillet without the curry and it was okay, but far better in the slow cooker.

Coconut milk cost is about $2/can and is found in the Asian aisle.

As for mixing in the flour I just leave the chicken in the slow cooker.

I rarely mixed the seasoning before hand and let it refrigerate for the 12 hours. Sometimes it is mixed and put in the crock immediately. 

** Please not that everyone's sensitivities to food may vary. 

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