Thursday, 13 June 2013

A little relief for Interstitial Cystitis patients in Southern Alberta!

I am very proud to announce that there is a new IC program that is going to be created in Calgary. I have managed to arrange through my employer, GLJ Petroleum Consultants, a $30,000 donation to the Pelvic Pain Clinic to create a new program. The focus of the program will be to improve information and resources available to newly diagnosed patients of IC in Southern Alberta.
Here is the link to the official story published by the Calgary Health Trust in their most recent newsletter:
I know when I was first handed my diagnosis I felt like I was cast adrift into an ocean. Left to my own devices to figure out what exactly having IC meant and what could I do to help myself. After being lost in a sea of confusing, and often conflicting advice from the internet, I slowly discovered that there were treatments and dietary options I could pursue to claim back some of my life. 
It is because of those sleepless nights in pain and despair that I took the initiative to try and help those that are just embarking on their journey with IC. I know I have not dealt with IC for very long but I am determined to reach out and do what little I can to help those who have been set newly adrift.
I know I can’t calm the ocean of those waves of IC pain for everyone but perhaps with the introduction of this new program I can help a few up into that life raft and let them know they are not alone and there are alternatives to a life filled with pain. It is this thought that has driven me to help create the Calgary IC group and pursue IC awareness and knowledge in my city. It is my greatest hope that I am able to save new IC patients even a few weeks of suffering by being able to connect them to quality information right from diagnosis. The best flare up is the one you didn’t have!
Who knows? Perhaps your employer might want to join mine and bring this program into fruition to where you are in the world too.

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